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College Persuasive Speech Example

A zookeeper is a person who works at a zoo and is responsible for animal care. I will tell you about my career path as a penguin zookeeper. I will emphasize the main responsibilities, payment, educational requirements, advantages and disadvantages of this job. I am going to demonstrate my attitude to penguins and explain why I chose this career path.


When students are going to enter an educational facility, they set a certain goal and have a clear vision of their future career path. It is very difficult to achieve something and be successful without knowing where you exactly would like to work. In my case, I entered college in order to make my rosy dream of becoming a penguin zookeeper come true. I wholeheartedly desire to work with penguins at a zoo. I have been watching various TV programs about animals since early childhood. From that time, I never doubted who I wanted to become in the future.

My future career will deal with a zoo and animals in it. I will be responsible for daily care and feeding of animals. In my case, I would like to be responsible for penguins because I love those birds. I like to think that in the future I will be the person who will be able to spend time with these aquatic and flightless birds. My additional duties will be cleaning animals and reporting about their health issues. I made remarkable progress in sciences in high school. The knowledge I obtained while studying will help me in my career; a zookeeper may be involved in scientific research and may be forced to use scientific knowledge in practice. My speaking skills will help me to conduct tours and answer the zoo visitors’ questions.

The average salary of a zookeeper is about 20-30 dollars per hour. It is not too much if I want to be rich, but it is enough if I want to work at my dream job. Nevertheless, this work has one disadvantage. The combined process of cleaning, feeding, record keeping, diet preparation, and behavioral observation is exhausting work that requires time and energy. However, for those who love to spend time with animals, as well as for hardworking people like me, it is only a huge advantage. In this job, it is very important to love and care for animals. This trait will help a future zookeeper to find a mutual connection with animals and to take better care of them. In order to get this job, a worker should have a college degree in biology, zoology, animal science, wildlife management or in other fields related to animals. That is why I chose zoology as my career path.